About Us

From a humble beginning in 2003, now we are a strong presence in the industry with our most modern equipments and advanced agriculture systems. Our dedication and steady focus towards making innovative and most modern agro equipments allowed us to travel ahead of 20 years in the technology and expertise field. It is the dedication and commitment towards quality maintenance that has allowed us to stand as a leading manufacturer of agribusiness equipments.

In the beginning, we introduced simple sprinkler rain gun systems and micro irrigation. Later, Lift Irrigation System, Computerized Automatic Irrigation System, Landscape irrigation System and Dust Suppression System became our turnkey projects. We were able to diversify our business on the strong foundation laid by our team of competent and knowledgeable professionals. Our company passed the toddler stage and is now competing to reach the adult stage.

In the machineries and equipment service division, we provide nearly 20 different models of Chippers and Shredders. Machines to convert agro waste into organic fertilizer and bio fuel, High pressure cleaning equipment for Diary Dung removal, designing and erection of Lift Irrigation pipelines and Electronic Controls like GSM based starters & Digital Control Panels are some of our well-designed equipments whose demand in the market is skyrocketing like never before.

We design and manufacture special Submersible Pumpsets for Raingun, Lift Irrigation, and household Purposes. Nevertheless, our equiments perform in an extraordinary manner with minimal power consumption.

By providing high quality products and services to our clients we are serving the industry in a successful way. Excellence blended with feasibility and reliability in the business allows us to create relationship with reputed vendors and industry veterans. You can expect a lot more from us in the near future.