Dairy Cooling System

Modern animal husbandary farms ,Sericulture Farms and mushroom farms having very delicate hybrid HF cows, Broiler chicks, Silk Worms, HF pigs which are not possible to withstand more than 30 degree centigrade. More temperature is very dangerous for feed intake, normal breath, body heat maintenance and mushroom budding. Causing less production in milk, meat and mushroom yield which leads to heavy loss.
But during summer hot climates the temperature will rise up to 35 to 45 degree centigrade in plain lands and extreme rise up to 55 degree centigrade in desert areas. At the same time humidity(rh%) automatically falls down up to 20%.
So we must take proper special precautions to maintain the farm temperature and humidity percentage to achieve maximum production.

That’s why we recently introduce our own designed cooling system to maintain controlled temperature and humidity percentage for dairy, poultry, mushroom and pig farms. We have many simple technologies to cool the sheds and open fields. But all machines works under evaporative cooling method using water as cooling media which is complete environment friendly.
Water broken into very small size up to 10 to 100 micron . For that we specially designed some very low power consuption pumps and nozzles to make the mist. The mist particle easily cool the surroundings 8 to 15 degree within 5 minutes. The total system control designed to run automatically with Time based or temperature based or very sensitive both temperature and humidity based operation.

Thumba Auto Start:- (Time based On and off) :


Very economical ,user friendly user programmable fully automatic control with manual function for dairy and poultry cooling system control. You just On the main switch when temperature start to rise on 10 am and Off the main on evening 4 pm. In between the auto control starter On and Off the motor based on program for example 2 minutes running for every 30 minutes or based on your requirement you can easily change the program times.

Thumba Auto Cool:- (Temperature based On and Off) :


The cooling system On and Off controlled based on temperature in degree centigrade. For example if you need comfortable temperature range in between 25 to 30 degree centigrade means you can set the range by manual programming. The motor will start at 30 degree centigrade and stop when temperature fell down to 25 degree centigrade. This system slightly costlier than Auto start unit.

Thumba Temperature & Humidity controller:-


Very sensitive automatic control system essential for delicate Tissue culture plant growing and mushroom farming sectors. We recently develop with high quality high accuracy sensor based user programmable starter with very low cost than already market available T&H controllers. This unit control the mist cooling system based on user programmed settings like high temperature ON low temperature OFF as well as low humidity percentage ON high humidity percentage OFF facilities.