RainGun Sprinkler Irrigation System - By Area (0.5 to 1 Acre)

If the land area falls between 0.5 to 1 Acre you must go for small sprinkler system. You decide permanent or temporary erection according to the crop pattern and your convenience. Raingun are not suitable for this small area. Because the corner correction and uniform sprinkling is very difficult. But in small sprinkler system we designed and install to cover all the area even irregular corners.

We have Many Model Sprinklers to suite individual irrigation requirements. Here we shows Popular widely used few models.

Suitable Sprinkler Models and its Specifications

  • Mini Sprinkler

    Mini Sprinkler
    1. Inlet Size1/2 Inch
    2. Pressure:1 to 3 Kg/cm2
    3. Discharge:10 to 13 LPM
    4. Suitable For:Onion, Brinjal, Flower Crops, Tomato , Chilly, Cauliflower, Nurseries, Fodder Crops.
    5. Working Method :Half Circle and Full Circle
    6. Area Coverage :30 Feet Radius at 2 kg/cm2
    7. 5 HP Motor Runs:30 to 45 Sprinklers covers 1/2 to 3/4 Acre at a Time.

    Our Strong Suggested Model for Small Area Irrigation, where small droplet size is the main point. And Also it Produce More than 30 percent Mist which develops favourable micro climate for the plants.

  • Impact Plastic Sprinkler

    Mini Sprinkler
    1. Inlet Size :   3/4 Inch
    2. Pressure :2 to 4 Kg/cm2
    3. Discharge:36 to 42 LPM
    4. Suitable For:Fodder Crops,Vegetables, Brinjal, Onion, Flower Crops, Tomato , Chilly, Cauliflower.
    5. Working Method :Half Circle and Full Circle
    6. Area Coverage :46 Feet Radius at 2.8 kg/cm2
    7. 5 HP Motor Runs:10 to 12 Sprinklers covers 40 Cents to 60 Cents at a Time.

    This is most popular and largest selling Sprinkler in Asia. It almost adapt with all motors which generates even 1.5 kg/cm2 working pressure with good performance. In recent days it replace same capacity metal Sprinkler but with very low cost. Also Durability is very good.

  • Micro Sprinkler

    Mini Sprinkler
    1. Inlet Size :   1/2 Inch
    2. Pressure :0.5 to 1.5 Kg/cm2
    3. Discharge:4 to 8 LPM
    4. Suitable For:Vegetables, Onion, Tomato , Chilly, Cauliflower, Nurseries, Brinjal , Flower Crops.
    5. Working Method :Only Round Pattern
    6. Area Coverage :10 to 15 Feet Diameter
    7. 5 HP Motor Runs:Upto 80 Sprinklers covers 60 Cents to 70 Cents at a Time.

    Micro Sprinklers are widely recommended for minimum Area Irrigation Only. No doubt this sprinkler develops good micro climate. We suggest this model for short term Irrigation applications.