High Speed Chaff Cutter See This Ariticle in தமிழ்

We Proudly introduce Bhide make Compact, Very high speed, Steel constructed "High Speed Chaff Cutter cum Pulverizer" which is an ideal machine for Diary, Goat, Natural Farming and vermi-composting. There are three models to suit individual requirements.

  • Special Features
    India’s First Single Phase Motor Operated Chaff Cutter with 2 ton / Hr output.
    Pulverizing facility. First of its kind in India. Essential for dairy farms to make own feeds
    High Speed Cutting. Just 15 minutes enough for 20 animals fodder cutting.
    High Operator Safety. Due to Innovative Self Feeding Technology, Machine Never pulls operators hand.
    Very less maintenance. Which means Sharpening of blades every 6 months only.
    Chipping of Agricultural Waste like Coconut Leave small Tree branches for organic farming
    These Machines can run with electric motor, Oil engine, power tiller and Tractor PTO.

Single Phase 2 HP

  • Motor Required : Normal Single Phase 1.5 HP to 2 HP
    Chaff Cutting : 750 Kg/Hour for 2 HP Motor
    Pulvurizing : 200 Kg/Hour for 2 HP Motor

Three Phase 5 HP

  • Motor Required : Special Single Phase 2.2 HP (OR) Three Phase 3 HP and 5 HP
    Chaff Cutting : 1000 Kg/Hour for 2.2 to 5 HP Motor
    Pulvurizing : 500 Kg/Hour for 5 HP Motor

Three Phase 10 HP

  • Motor Required : Special Single Phase 2.2 HP (OR) Three Phase 3 HP, 5 HP, 7.5 HP and 10 HP
    Chaff Cutting : 2000 Kg/Hour for 2.2 to 10 HP
    Pulvurizing : 1000 Kg/Hour for 10 HP Motor

2 HP model is enough to support upto 20 Farm animals (Cows of Buffallows) or upto 150 goats. "An Important feature of these machines is dis-integration of cereals like Jowar, Maize, Wheat, Grams, and Neem nut to the required grain size. For that various types of pulvurizer screans available."

Another Unique Feature of this machine is, it can disintegrate (Powder) Cotton Seeds. Dry Fish with Bones.

Salient Features :

  • 1. Few Seconds enough to Cut fodders, even Sugarcane stems.
  • 2. High Quality Bearing and Hardened - Ferrous alloy cutting blades. Therefore Cutting edge withstand very long period than any other machines.
  • 3. Very easy to disindigrate cereals like maize wheat, grams and need nuts.
  • 4. 3000 to 4000 cuts / minutes on fodder.
  • 5. Can be operated by using Engine, Tractor PTO also.
  • 6. Recently we have designed chipper cum chaff cutter cum pulvurizer (3 works in 1 Machine) by using power tiller. This is an idle machine for areas without Electricity. This machine can chip coconut leaves on the farm spot.
  • 7. This Machine mainly using for Organic farming and Vermi-Composting Purpose to chipp coconut leaves and Agricultural farm Waste.
  • No other machines can beat our machines for heavy duty performance and years of reliable service