RainGun System - By Power (1.5 to 5 HP Power)

Advanced irrigation method. Very young system which getting popular these days. It can be operated full circle and half circle, which means all the corner areas covered by using half circle arrangement coming with rain gun.

Various model available based on area coverage, Available Power(in HP), crop nature.

  • This is the basic model in raingun system.
  • This type of rainguns almost cover 30 to 60 cents at a time.
  • The radius covered by this rainguns system is 20 to 25 Meters.
  • Discharge of every raingun is 100 LPM to 400 LPM.
  • The precipitate rate per hour is 6 to 9 mm.
  • Best suitable for Indian small farms. Also Suitable for all crops.
  • Best operated in Below 10 Km/h wind speed.

Raingun model for this system. :     Penquin, Pelican .(Harit Make)

Important Note:

We promise that, no other Market pumps are not suitable for better performance of raingun system than our Specially Designed High Head “Thumba Submersible Pumps for the same point”. Because we know the problems in designing raingun system to give better performance more than 12 years of experience in this field.