RainGun System - By Power (12.5 to 40 HP Power)

Best Suitable Between 12.5 HP To 40 HP Power available areas.

  • This is High range Big raingun system.
  • This type of rainguns almost cover 1 acre to 2 acre at a time with one raingun.
  • The radius covered by this rainguns system is 30 to 55 Meters.
  • Discharge of every raingun is 600 LPM to 1400 LPM.
  • The precipitate rate per hour is 6 to 9 mm.
  • Best suitable for large farms. Also Suitable for all crops.
  • Best operated in Below 10 Km/h wind speed.

Raingun model for this system. :     Tublex (2 inches), Mariner (2.5 inches)

Important Note:

For high range rainguns system project minimum 20 acre area is recommended and 20 to 30HP power supply is must. So we recommend only for large scale farm projects.