Multi Purpose Cleaning Pump Kit

Multi Purpose Pump Kit 1 HP

Another Revolutionary Innovation from Thumba Agro Technologies is this Multi Purpose Pump Kit. Very simple, Compact Pump, Durable, Fit to all Voltage Fluctuation(165 Volt to 275 Volt AC), are the main feature of this pump. The Main Convinence is, it using 1 HP Single Phase Home Power for its Operation, which is available in all areas. Above all its Price Comparitively Cheapest than any other pumps in the market which solve many purpose in One Machine. It Comes with One Year Replacement Warranty.

Uses of this Pump :

  • 1. Cleaning and servicing of Car, Two Wheeler, Bus, Lorry, Tractor, Dirty Floor, Poultry Cage, Etc.,.No Worry About Radiator Fins. Our Water jet never damage the fins.
    2. Its a Very Good Sprayer using for Poultry Farms. Medicinal Spraying, Lime Water Spraying, and also for Temperature Control inside the Shed.
    3. Water Servicing of Farm Vehicles Like Tractor, Tractor Trolly, Power Tiller.
    4. It is an ideal pump for curing taller building concrete upto 55 Feet high. It Saves More water, time and labour.
    5. It Also used for Rough White Coat Spraying for Compound Wall, Shed, Open Well Walls within few minutes.
    6. It an Ideal pump for operating Hight Pressure Mist Units to develop humidity and Reduce Room Temperature.
    7. Used as a drip line injector for inject liquid fertilizers at regulated discharge (Ex. 5 LPM) into drip, Sprinkler, RainGun System lines upto 3 Kg/cm2 System Pressure.
  • Pump Kit
  • Technical Detail :
    1. Power :     Single Phase 1 HP.
    2. Motor:High Pressure Self Priming Type.
    3. Discharge on Car Wash Nozzle:17 LPM.
    4. Discharge on Spraying Nozzle:3 LPM.
    5. Discharge on V-Type Nozzle:6 LPM.
    6. Water Jet Lenght:45 Feet on Open Air.
    7. Water Requirement For Car Wash:80 Ltr / Car.
    8. Time For Car Wash:5 Minutes.
    9. Power Consumption:0.7 Units / Hour.

  • Click image to see Enlarge Photo of Curing Taller Concrete Walls
  • Curing Pump Kit Performance