Raingun for Banana

RainGun Irrigation System for Banana Crop

Is it Possible to Use Raingun Irrigation System for Banana? Yes, Its Possible. We can make Raingun Irrigation System for Banana first of its kind in India. This is One of the greatest challenge achieved by Thumba Agro Tech, Who design RainGun Irrigation System for Banana Crop of its maximum height Successfully(More than 20 Feet). This System Gives Maximum Yeild due to better artificial favourable climatic condition for this crop.

Advantage :

  • First of all it Saves 3 Times of Water, Power and Labour For Irrigation.
  • Extraordinary Fruit Yeild and quality than normal flood irrigation
  • Minimum Organic Or Chemical Fertilizer enough to get maximum Yeild
  • Possible to Irrigate One Acre in One hour by using 10 HP Special Pumpset.
  • One person can operate this RainGun Irrigation System upto 40 Acre by Using 10 HP Pump in its Irrigation Cycle.
  • Due to Periodical Artificial Rainfall Leaves are cleaned frequently which Increase Photosynthesis Phenomena as well as Yield.
  • It has Long Working Life upto 50 Years.