Dairy Dung Cleaning Pump System

The major problem in dairy sectors is cleaning and removing Animal Dungs. which is essential to maintain the farm healthy. At present this work consumes more labour and excess of water. To avoid this problem an Ultimate Designed Thumba's Dairy Dung Cleaning Pump is the only way to reduce labour and precious water.

Features of this pump :

  • 1. Used for cleaning Floors in Dairy Farms and Cleaning of Bird Cages in poultry Farms.
    2. Cleaning of Animals with Different Mild Pressurised water Spray Nozzle
    3. Water Servicing of Farm Vehicles.
    4. This pump works user friendly single phase AC 220V, 1.5 HP power which available in all areas.
    5. Complete maintanance Free due to simple centrifugual pump design.
  • Technical Detail :
    1. Power :     Single Phase 1.5 HP.
    2. Motor:High Pressure Submersible Type.
    3. Discharge on Floor Wash Nozzle:40 LPM.
    4. Discharge on Animal Wash Nozzle:17 LPM.
    5. Water Jet Lenght:70 Feet on Open Air.
    6. Water Requirement For Floor Wash:400 Ltr / 20 Animal Shed.
    7. Water Requirement For Animal Wash:50 Ltr for One Animal.
    8. Time Required For Floor Wash:7 Minutes / 20 Animal Shed.
    9. Time Required For Animal Wash:2 Minutes for One Animal.

    Dairy Dung Urine Sewage Mud Removal Pump System

    In dairy sectors waste water management is the challengeable work.This consumes much more time and labour.We offer better solution for this problem.single phase 1 hp to 2 hp sewage mud pump introduced for this application to handle 20mm to 50 mm solids.It works with 12000 lph discharge and 40 feet head.so you can pump waste slurry up to 1000 feet Horizontal distance by using 2 or 2.5 inch PVC or HDPE pipes.

  • Technical Detail :
    1. Power :     Single Phase 1 HP.
    2. Motor:Submersible Type.
    3. Discharge :1200 LPH.
    4. Total Head :12 Meter Max.
    5. Pumping Distance:Upto 1000 Feet at 20 Feet Elevation.
    6. Solid Handling Capacity:20 mm to 50 mm.
    7. Impeller Used:U Type Or Helical.
    8. Motor Protection for:Dry Run, Over Heat, Impeller Lock.
    9. Seal Used:Oil Immersed Carborundum.
    10. Outlet Delevery:2 Inch.