Raingun Result

RainGun Irrigation System for Coconut with Intercrop(Banana,Green Grams)

Now-a-days Indian Farmers using Drip Irrigation System for Coconut Farms. This method of Irrigation covers only 10 Feet Diameter around the tree. But Coconut Tree roots spread around all areas which is not receiving sufficient water in all day, during Summer even it unable to absorb minerals and fertilizers, Which leads to poor in coconut production. So we must wet(Irrigate) all areas of coconut farms to get proper functioning of roots and better yeild.

Sprinkler Raingun Irrigation System gives complete coverage of water in all areas. which helps perfect functioning of roots to absorb all manuers. So cultivation of Intercrops like Banana, Grams,Fodder is very easy. This type of Irrigation system creates micro climate which is favorable for earthworm growth helps for natural organic farming activities.

How ever we use Sprinkler instead of Rainguns. Because Raingun water jet are hidden by the trees which affectes the uniform distribution of water

Advantage :

  • First of all it Saves 3 Times of Water, Power and Labour For Irrigation
  • Uniform High Yeild achieved by this system even in summer Days
  • Due to Intercrop facility farmer gain more.
  • Easy Operation and maintanance for years.
  • It has High durability upto 50 Years System Life