RainGun Sprinkler Irrigation System - By Area (5 Acres to 100 Acres)

If the farmer decide to errect more than 5 Acre we recommend to go for medium and Big Range Raingun irrigation system only. According to our 12 years of experience in this field, Our Strong Suggestion for you,is to go for Permanent Raingun Irrigation System. Like Sugarcane, Turmeric, Banana, Potato etc., For these crops Big range Rainguns are very succesfull.

We have Many Model Rainguns to suite individual irrigation requirements. Here we shows Popular widely used few models.

Suitable RainGun Models and its Specifications

  • Skipper

    1. Inlet Size :   1.5 Inch
    2. Pressure :3 to 5 Kg/cm2
    3. Discharge:240 to 440 LPM
    4. Suitable For:Deligate Crops,Flowers,Chilly,Tomato,Onion,Sugarcane.
    5. Working Method :Half Circle and Full Circle with Automatic Jet Breaking Mechanism
    6. Area Coverage :100 Feet Radius at 3.5 kg/cm2
    7. Nozzle Size:12mm,14mm,16mm and 18mm
    8. 7.5 HP Motor Runs:Only One Raingun

    By using gear driven mechanism, it develops more Mist than any other raingun. So it mainly used for Deligate crops like Flower, Chilly, Tomato, Onion, Sugarcane, Groundnut etc., Less maintanance and the durability are the another features of this model.

  • Tublex

    Mini Rainguns
    1. Inlet Size2 Inch
    2. Pressure:3 to 6 Kg/cm2
    3. Discharge:350 to 600 LPM
    4. Suitable For:Sugarcane, Groundnuts, Fodder Crops and Vegetables
    5. Working Method :Half Circle and Full Circle
    6. Area Coverage :110 Feet Radius at 3 kg/cm2
    7. Nozzle Size:16mm,18mm,20mm
    8. 10 HP Thumba Motor Runs:2 Rainguns.

    This Tublex model specially suite for large scale cultivation. It saves huge Power, Time, Labour for irrigation when compare to mini rainguns.

  • Mariner

    Medium Range Rainguns
    1. Inlet Size :   2.5 Inch
    2. Pressure :3.5 to 7 Kg/cm2
    3. Discharge:600 to 1700 LPM
    4. Suitable For:Sugarcane,Turmeric,Groundnuts, Fodder Crops, Coffee Tea Plants, Vegetables
    5. Working Method :Half Circle and Full Circle
    6. Area Coverage :170 Feet Radius at 5 kg/cm2 (30 HP Required)
    7. Nozzle Size:23mm,28mm,30mm,32mm
    8. 10 HP Thumba Motor Runs:1 Raingun

    It bigger level Raingun almost in India. This is an Italian Sime Make. Strongly Recommended for Large Farms.