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Bore Well Compressor

Bore Well Compressor |
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            We start with saying. "One Compressor Can Lift the Water from 16 No. Of Borewells, Can You Believe!", When we making borewells in low ground water level areas where we get low yield of water. So we have to make more number of bore wells to get required water. To lift the water from these borewells more number of Compressor or Submersible Motor have to be errected. It consumes more power and more investment.

To Solve this problem a "Compressor Timer" Designed and marketed by "Thumba Agro Tech.," By using this setup we can lift the water from 16 No Bore Wells Sequentially by using only one compressor unit.

Working Method :

This unit consist of one digital controlled panal and set of solenoid valves. These valves controlled by the panal according to the programming Times in minutes decided by the farmer. We can change the programme times according to the yield of the borewell.

For your Information:

This is not a pressure booster equipment. Other way compressed air diverted to all borewells one after another automatically according to the programmed time.

Features of this Bore Well Compressor Timer :

  • No Alternative Equipments or Technologies available in Indian Market to the Above Purpose.
  • By Using One EB Power Connection We can Run Only One Submersible pump Can be Run, No Chance for Second Bore Well. But in this Timer We can Connect One Compressor upto 16 Bore Wells to lift water.
  • Normally 5 HP Compressor Can Lift Water from 350 Feet Depth, where as 7.5 HP Lifts 550 Feet Depth Maximum. If you divide the cylinders for 2 Nos of Bore Wells the lifting depth decrease to Half of the above capacity. At the same time, in this System we connect both cylinder which passes to all connected bore wells with full working performance.
  • By using this timer according to the yield of connected bore wells we can Lift 1,25,000 Liter per day( 20 Hour Running) Maximum. Which is enough to Run 5HP Sumberisible Pumpset for 6 Hours.
  • Complete maintanance Free System which Runs year by years.
  • Above all The Entire Compressor Timer Control System Consumes only 15 Watt Power.

Technical Detail :

1. Power :      15 Watt.
2. Solenoid Valve : Half Inch Normally Closed.
3. Solenoid Valve : Digital 16 Bit Processor.
4. No of Bore Well : 16 Nos.
5. Suitable Compressor HP : 5, 7.5, 10 HP