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Manual Fodder Harvester

Manual Fodder Harvester

      To save money, labour and time for line harvesting of 9 feet height any fodder like co-4, maize, sugar cane in field, we recently introduced brush cutter based manual fodder harvester. This is an ideal machine for small, medium and big dairy farms to harvest fodder up to 2 tons per hour within 1 hour by only one labour. Fuel consumption is very less. 1 litre petrol enough for 2 tons fodder harvesting.

Advance features are :

Extreme high speed harvesting

     3 to 4 times speed than conventional chaff cutters. Just 30 minutes enough for 1000 kgs green fodder harvesting.

High outputs

     World’s highest output manual harvesting machine with 2 ton per hour fitted with 42 cc heavy duty drouble free Japanese technology 2 stroke petrol engine. (Normal manual cutting means 10 labours required for this output of 2 tons per hour.)

High operator safety

     Only single operator enough for this machine operation. So no worry about accidents during harvesting works.

Very less maintenance

     User friendly user serviceable machine for easy maintenance.

Line harvesting

     Even in irregular fodder plantations you can harvest as strait line as you like. Fodder fells down as strait even line to collect easy and fast. Currently No other machine having this facility in India and even foreign countries.

Very Less Fuel Consumption:

     Only 750 ml of Petrol required to run for 1 hour and gives 2 tons harvesting output which is very economical and profitable for animal farm owners.

High Quality cutting Blades

     Our Tipped high quality steel cutting blade withstand heavy cutting forces even on 1 inch diameter tree branches and any hard fodders like sugarcane, co-4 small tree branches too. No competitive manual harvesting machines having all above facilities in India

Technical Details:

Brush cutter based Manual Fodder harvester
1. Power : 42 cc 2.4 HP Max Output
2. Engine Type : 2 Stroke Petrol Engine.
3. Fuel Used : Oil mixed with petrol.
4. Cutting Wheel : 80 teeth round tipped.
5. Harvesting Capacity : 2 tons per hour.
6. Fuel Efficiency : Max 1 litter petrol for 2 tons co-4 harvesting.
7. Working RPM : 8000 to 10000 RPM.
8. Total weight with attachment : 10 Kgs.