Poly House Climate Control System System

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Silage Fodder

Silage Fodder

For Indian Farmers:

     Many techniques followed by Indian dairy farmers based on their suitability and requirements. Some popular methods are

  1. Pit storage methods.
  2. Drum storage method.
  3. Poly packing storage method. (Ploy pack storage)
  4. Dual Process: - For commercial sales making by pit methods, transport by poly pack.
What we offer for Indian dairy sectors?
Storage Poly Sheets:

     Pit storage nylon LLDPE sheets in various sizes like 40X40 Feet, 60X60 Feet and 75X75 Feet Poly sheet with 120 microns, 150 microns and 200 microns thickness available.

Silage chaff cutters : (High Speed Chaff Cutters)

      For silage making high output Chaff cutter with continues duty is much essential. We offer 1 ton, 3 tons, 6 tons and 15 tons per hour. Chaff cutting capacity machines based on their requirements. Our chaff cutters are customized to run with electric motor, Diesel engine, Power tiller and tractor compatibility. Our chaff cutters are heavy duty machines, popular for long lasting and continues duty up to 15 hours per day as well as high outputs 15 tons to 150 tons per day.