Three Phase Chaff Cutter 15 Tons / Hr

Chaff Cutting Requirements for Large Dairy ,Gaushalas,feed mills and poultry, and Fish Farms where Three Phase electric power connection available to run the motor..

2 in 1 machine (Chaff cutter and chipper)

            For Silage Making Industries, big Dairy or Goat Farm with, 100 to 2000 cows or 3000 Goats, has the feed requirement from 10 Tons to 40 Tons/day and for Goat farm 5000 Kg / day respectively.

This machine designed to run with Three phase 30 HP Electric motor. This machine is one of our higher output model to suit large capacity animal farm needs. For small or big Gaushalas with 250 to 2500 cows or big Dairy farms with more than 100 animals means this model is the only suitable one.

This model mainly used for big Dairy farms, gaushalas, pulverizing mills where three phase current available for motor run.

As an additional facility in this machine hard chipping support for organic farming and vermi composting. You can cut 6 inches diameter coconut leafs or 1.5 inches diameter any tree branches to make compost which is farmers own fertilizers.

  • 1. Can Run with Three Phase Current only.
  • 2. Very less Maintenance
  • 3. Sharpening of Cutting edges once in 6 months
  • 4. No Spares required upto 18 months for daily operation.
  • 5. Mainly need 4-6 persons for feeding 15 tons per hour.


30 hp motor operated chaff cutter with Chipper

Technical Specifications:
1. Power requirement : Three Phase 30hp
2. Chaff Cutting Output : 15,000 Kg / Hour
3. Chipping of Agro waste : 3000 kg/hour
4. Recommended For : 200 to 3000 Animals Dairy Farms, 500 or 2000 animals Gaushalas,
Chipping of agro wastes 3000 Kgs/Hour.
5. Number of Cutting Edges : 4 Nos
6. Output : Both Top and Bottom Output