Rain guns for 10 to 40 hp electric pump sets

Very Popular motor in all over world for Rain gun and sprinkler system and Long distance pipe lines up to 20 Kilometer pumping

Three phase 10 hp high pressure motor (Designed and supply by Thumba's Own R&D)

            Our Thumba Research and Development Team are in the Research of Improving and Customising Submersible Pump Design to fit Individual Requirement like Sprinkler, Rain Gun Irrigation System. Because most of the Submersible Pumps available in Market are not suitable for Pressurized Operation in Agriculture Sectors. In India Our R&D Team Plays a Key Role in Fulfilling the Must Needed High Pressure and High Discharge Characteristics in Submersible Pumps, to achieve a great success in Rain Gun Irrigation System.

We have more than 17 Years of Experience in Designing all types of Advanced High Pressure Submersible Pumps like Lift Irrigation Pipe Line Pump, House Hold Bore Well Pumps and High Pressure Cleaning Pumps.

As an achievement milestone, we have developed and introduce our Complete New 10 HP High Pressure Submersible Pump sets to Run World Famous Bigger Rain gun "Mariner" (Sime Italy Make). Even Sime Company recommends more than 20 HP motor for its better performance. But we runs Mariner with our Thumba 10 HP Motor which covers 1.4 Acres (140 Feet Radius) at a time. Or Both Skipper and Tublex Rain Guns Runs With Covering Area of 120 Feet Radius Wetting 1.75 Acres at a time. This is one of our unbeatable achievements in this field no one ever seen in India and Foreign countries. From 2016 we export this pump to African countries for operate mariner rain guns to cover maximum area (40 meter radius) with minimum power of 10 HP.


Technical Specifications:

1. Power HP/KW : 10 HP/7.5 KW
2. Operating Voltage : Three Phase 250 To 475 V
3. Operating Current : 17 To 26 Amp
4. Discharge : 1000 LPM Max
5. Pressure : 5 Kg/cm2
6. Head Range : 30 To 55 Meters
7. No of 1 1/4 inch Rain gun Runs : 6 No (60 Feet Radius)
8. Area Covers with 6 Rain guns : 1.55 Acres in Round Pattern
9. Time For Irrigation with Rain gun : 60 Minutes Aprox.
10. No of 3/4 inch Sprinkler Runs : 22 Nos
11. Area Covers with 3/4 Inch Spr. : 4 Acres in Round Pattern
12. Tublex Rain gun(2 Inch) Runs : 2 Nos 220 Feet Diameter Each
13. Area Covers With Tublex(2 Nos) : 1.7 Acres in Round Pattern
14. Mariner Rain gun(2.5 Inch) Runs : 1 No 280 Feet Diameter
15. Area Covers With Mariner : 1.4 Acres in Round Pattern
16. Strongly Recommended For : Below 50 Feet Open Wells
17. Power Consumption : 7.5 Units/Hour

Above Pump Used For the following applications:-

By using gear driven mechanism, it develops more Mist than any other raingun. So it mainly used for Deligate crops like Flower, Chilly, Tomato, Onion, Sugarcane, Groundnut etc., Less maintanance and the durability are the another features of this model.

  • 1. Mainly Used For Rain Gun Sprinkler Irrigation System, Due to High Pressure and High Discharge Output.
  • 2. This is the Only 10HP Motor Which Can Operates Mariner Rain gun (2.5 Inch) with 40 Meter Radius @ 850 LPM Water Discharge, Which is First of its kind.
  • 3. Irrigating Grass Fields of Cricket, Football Grounds with single Mariner Rain gun.
  • 4. Used for Pumping water to Long Distances up to 20 KM and Above at 100 Feet Elevation.
  • 5. For More than 150 Feet Deep Open Wells, this Motor is the Only Choice For Single Motor Operation.
  • 6. Even in High Pressure Operation, Its Durability is very Good and Maintenance Free.


Three phase 15 hp high pressure motor (Designed and supply for special orders by Thumba's Own R&D)

            We have many models in 15 hp high pressure pump sets. Based on head and discharge requirements we will design and make as custom made pump sets for particular field conditions. This type of motors rarely used in bore wells up to the depth of 150 feet.

In case farmer has more than 150 feet depth bore well means you must select our Popular model 10 hp high pressure pump set and arrange ground level water tank of 4 lakh liter capacity to get maximum coverage area.

Here You can run 6 nos of basic rain guns 1.25 inches inlet size and 170 LPM discharge models. Here you can get maximum coverage of 60 feet radius each.

Thumba's Three Phase 20 HP Submersible Pump Set

            This is the another big size motor especially designed for big raingun operations in estates, cricket grounds and dust suppression.

Technical Specifications :
1. Power - HP or kw : Three Phase 20 HP or 15 kw
2. Operating voltage : Three phase 380 to 440 v AC
3. Discharge Maximum : 1600 LPM.
4. Pressure maximum : 5 kg/cm2
5. Head range : 35 to 60 meters
6. No of 1.5 inch Rain gun runs : 8 nos each covers 130 feet diameter
7. No of 3/4" Sprinkler runs : 40 nos each covers 90 feet diameter
8. Best suitable depth of water source : Below 60 feet open wells .
9. Power consumption : 15 unit per hour.

Three phase 30 to 40 hp high pressure motors (Designed and supply for special orders by Thumba's Own R&D)

            These are higher end models specially designed for Big rain gun operations. Huge area irrigations, big play grounds and Pivot irrigations are the some applications

We specially designed Based on head and discharge requirements as custom made pump sets for particular field conditions. This type of motors is demand by big fields and grounds for large area coverage. We finalize this motor design after complete study of field requirements with their suitable parameters.

In case farmer has more than 50 to 200 hectare means you must select this types of higher end high pressure pump set and arrange ground level water tank of 15 lakhs litter capacity to get maximum coverage area.

Here You can run only one no of 2.5 inches Mariner rain gun or 2 inches inlet size multiple Tublex model Rain guns or its equal specific models. Here you can get maximum coverage of 170 feet radius (340 feet) diameter.