High Power Solar Battery Sprayer

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Our Services

1. Irrigation Solutions

  • So far we have placed 300 and above Permanent Sprinkler Rain Gun Systems in India- in that way we are No 1 in Permanent Systems.
  • Irrigation Controls Erection.
  • Lift Irrigation pipelines up to 20 Km and above in length, 2000 Meters in Height.
  • High Pressure (Head) motor designing and Erection.
  • Advanced Valves for multiple solutions.
  • Turnkey irrigation Projects
  • Sprinklers Rain Gun Systems for Football, Cricket Grounds.
  • Dust Suppression Systems for mines and Stone Crushers
  • Micro irrigations like Mist, Evaporative and Hydroponics.
  • Computerized Automatic Irrigation Systems.
  • Landscape irrigation Systems.
Irrigation Solutions

2. Machines and Equipment Services.

  • Chipper and Shredders for Organic farming and vermin composting. Having More than 20 Models.
  • Machines to convert agro waste into bio fuels.
  • High pressure cleaning for Diary Dung removal, Poultry Cage Cleaning and all types of Cleaning needs in Agro Industries.
  • Electronic Controls for Agri Sector like GSM based starters, Digital Control Panels
Machines and Equipment Services