Rain Gun System - By Crop (GroundNut)

Rain Gun System - By Crop (GroundNut)

For groundnut you can use rain gun or sprinkler as permanent or temporary methods. To select method of irrigation you must consider the nature of requirement.

Permanent system:-

In This method all main and sub lines are permanently laid under the soil within 2 feet depth. We take deliveries based on motor power, field shape and wind velocity in that field. Normally it fixed in between 75 to 120 feet based on some factors. This is a technical oriented project. So our presentation in designing of this project is very much important. Otherwise it leads to failure in uniform wetting and corner corrections.

Initial investment for construction of pillar is high. But very successful user friendly method with extraordinary system life up to 50 years without any big trouble.

If the land is lease or contract farming means permanent cement pillar point construction is not possible. So consider these factors before selection

Temporary system:-

This is the only system supported by some of the global Governments and gives some subsidies also only because of low budget system. But it has so much of maintenance due to high pressure operations. Shifting of pipes and stand sets are the major issues in this method. Anyway this system needs particular pressure to cover maximum area and uniform wetting. So we must replace your existing low pressure motor and fix recommended pressurized motor for that particular discharge and head especially for that field.

In this method one main line with 3 or 4 inches PVC laid under 2 feet depth and outlets given for every 100 feet intervals. Here quick release couplings fitted for easy connection. Then detachable 2 inches or 2.5 inches HDPE pipes connect with stand sets. On top of the stand rain gun fixed for sprinkling the water. After completion of irrigation it must be shifted to other place for sprinkling.

Both rainguns and sprinkler irrigation system are suitable for groundnut. For small areas sprinkler is preferable. For more than 2 Acre rain is recommended.

Main benefit for this crop is natural cooling climate improves the plant condition and helps in photosynthesis perfectly which causing high yield.

Better disease and insect control due to often sprinkling of water. Reduces pest control cost. And give natural organic output.