Mobile Sprinkler on Lorry Tanker

Mobile Sprinkler on Lorry Tanker

Complete new world class concept from Thumba Agro Technologies India.
Any Field can be irrigated even without its own water source.
No need of permanent irrigation pipelines and infrastructures.
We can irrigate land 30 KM away from water sources.
Field need not to be leveled.

System design consist of the following things.

1. High Pressure Diesel Engine.
2. Part Circle Metal Sprinklers.
3. Expandable Sprinkler array.
4. Adjustable Sprinklers.
5. Valves and Controls.

Going for this method of irrigation, the field should be prepared for vehicle mobility for better uniform coverage. Field Preparation design to be done with our guidance.

Suitable Crops :
1. All Vegetable Crops.
2. Forest Making.
3. Horticulture Crops.
4. Gloriosa Cultivation.

Specifications :

1. Tank Capacity : 12000 Litres
2. Running Time : 15 Mins / Full Tank
3. Area Coverage : 35 Cents / Full Tank
4. Covering Breath : 120 Feet
5. Total Rainfall : 9 mm (Approx 3mm depth)
6. Area Capacity : 15 To 20 Acres Per Vehicle
7. Maximum Plant Height : 20 Feet