Dairy Dung Cleaning Pump System

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Dairy Dung Cleaning Pump System 2.0

Dairy Dung Cleaning Pump System 2.0

            Our 2 hp cleaning pump clean the floor for 50 animal capacity sheds with in 10 minutes. Calculate yourself based on your shed capacity. Here huge labour and time savings than any cleaning methos And very important thing is hygienic cleaning of floors and animals. We give two different nozzles for both floor & animal washing. You can use multiple number of pumps for easy maintenance for large farms up to 1000 animals.


What is special in this pump design :-

            This pump specially designed for dairy dung cleaning purpose with our Own designed centrifugal high pressure technology. We designed this pump to suite with single phase 220 volt power which is available in almost all areas. This is a submersible pump and you must immerse inside the water. So arrange 1000 liter concrete tank or plastic tank based on your convenience and put this motor inside the water. If plastic tank means you must give ground earth for leakage current conduction.


How to erect:-

            As already mentioned above this is a submersible centrifugal pump. So you must pour the water inside the motor through top hook nuts.Then immerse it into the water tank and connect with flexible high pressure hose by quick release fittings.In the end of this hose you can easily fit the nozzles for both floor and animal wash applications. Both are entirely different nozzles can be easily fit and remove with the use of quick release fittings.

Normally this pump comes with 75 feet high pressure flexible hose with quick release fittings. If shed length is below 100 feet means you can manage with this 75 feet hose. In case your shed is very big means you can permanently fix the PVC main line and give multiple outlets by Quick release fittings to change the flexible high pressure hose.

How to use:-

            We give two types of nozzles in this kit. One for tough cleaning high pressure jet floor wash nozzle. This nozzle is excellent suitable for floor and cage washing, dairy vehicle washing and roof top cleaning purposes. Do not use this nozzle for animal wash because it give more pressure so not comfortable for animals. But it will not affect animals, it is very safest nozzle technology for dairy farms

Another nozzle specially designed for animal wash. The water comes out with mild pressurized shower effect. So animals enjoy this shower bath without fear. It also helps to improve the milk yield as it gives a massage effect to the animal nerves and produce positive hormones to increase milk yield.

Features of this pump :

  • 1. Used for cleaning Floors in Dairy Farms and Cleaning of Bird Cages in poultry Farms.
  • 2. Cleaning of Animals with Different Mild Pressurised water Spray Nozzle
  • 3. Water Servicing of Farm Vehicles.
  • 4. This pump works user friendly single phase AC 220V, 2 HP power which available in all areas.
  • 5. Complete maintenance Free due to simple centrifugal pump design.

Technical Detail :

1. Power : Single Phase 2 HP.
2. Motor : HighPressure Submersible Type.
3. Discharge on Floor Wash Nozzle : 70 to 100 LPM x 1 No.
4. Discharge on Animal Wash Nozzle : 25 LPM x 3 Nos .
5. Water Jet Length : 75 Feet on Open Air.
6. Water Requirement For Floor Wash : 1500 Ltr / 50 Animal Shed.
7. Water Requirement For Animal Wash : 60 Ltr for One Animal.
8. Time Required For Floor Wash : 10 Minutes / 50 Animal Shed.
9. Time Required For Animal Wash : 1 Minutes for One Animal.