Dust Control System (Stone Crushers and Mines)

Dust is the major Pollution problem during the production of blue metals and Quarry transport Operations. During the working of the stone crusher Dust comes out as a by-product. This pollute the environment causing so many problems. It can be better control by using "Thumba Dust Control System".

Working Principle :

Dust is a very small particle having less weight to travel through wind on its direction. it spreads upto one kilometre from its production point depending on velocity of the wind. We must control the dust escaping from the crusher machine is essential.

The System works in two ways. One is controlling of Dust during crushing the stones. In other way escaped dust deposit on the production ground area. this should be suppressed by sprinkling the water into fine droplets. So that 90% of the dust controlled by this methods Remaining 10% dust should not travel longer distance due to weight. Because of water particles absorbs the dust and deposit on land surface. The total Amount of water requirement based on the Quantity of production and stone Hardnes. However 2000 to 8000 Liter Water per day reuired to suppress the dust according to the unit capacity.

Technical Details:

  • 1. Power Required : 1 to 3.0 HP based on production capacity
  • 2. Water Required : 2000 to 8000 Liter/Day for Machine Side Dust control. 10,000 to 20,000 Liter/Day for Raingun Sprinkler system.


Manual Operation:

Here all nozzle controlled by manual valves. A person need to be there always through entire process.

Automatic Operation:

Here all nozzle controlled automatically by switching on the motor or machine. For that we are using water solenoid valves.


Important Note:

This Dust Control system will not affect quality of the final product. The quantity of mist controlled by using various model nozzles. So the better quality Product Achived.