Dust Control System (Stone Crushers Machine Side)

           Crushing of rocks and stone produces many by products. Like Jelly, M-Sand etc., During this process fine dust particles comes as as waste by-product, which pollute the air and atmosphere. This is the main cause of air pollution. Which leads to human health issues, like Asthma and other respiratory problems. So we must control dust particle mixed and spread with air and atmosphere.

Major dust particles produced and spread during the stone crushing operation. Sucking of dry dust particle is too much complicated process as well as high operational cost too.

We have designed water mist based depression method to suppress more than 80% of dust particles during machine operation. Another 20% dust suppressed within 50 feet because of more moisture content. Required qty of mist controlled by individual manual or automatic valves. So the quality of end product will not affect by over wetting. Complete dust control can be achieved by our dust control system simply than any other dust control system in India or Abroad.

Working Principle :

           Stone crusher dusts are very small in size (5-10 microns). So it easily travels with air and pollute atmosphere. Here we make water mist as per required correct qty by our special case nozzle with high pressure motor and mixed with dust. This process done in three stages. First Stage: Pre water coat by primary nozzles.

High discharge V-Type Nozzle used for water painting or pre water coat.

Second Stage: Dust suppressed by secondary nozzles.

Two types of nozzles are used for dust suppression V-Type and Single straight nozzle. Are essentials in this process.

Third Stage: booster nozzles for final dust controls.

This is final dust control nozzles used to control dust in final product discharge areas. Straight nozzles with various sizes and discharges available to control final dust.

Technical Details:

1. Power requirements : Single Phase 1 HP.
2. Water Requirement : 4000 to 10,000 Ltrs for 16 Hour Operation
3. Nozzle Used : V-Type and Single Straight
4. Control Type : Manual or Automatic
5. Motor Type : High Pressure submersible
6. No of Motors : 2 or 3 nos. (1 is Optional)

Control System Types:

Manual Nozzle control:

All nozzles individually connected with control ball valves, which controlled by manual operation only.

Automatic Nozzle control:

Nozzles automatically controlled by electric solenoid valves based on particular motor running time only.

Dual Nozzle Control :

Here nozzle controlled by both manual and solenoid valves. Sometimes conveyer belt runs with empty means you can control by manual valves too.


Important Note:

This Dust Control system will not affect quality of the final product. The quantity of mist controlled by using various model nozzles. So the better quality Product Achived.