RainGun Irrigation System for Banana Crop

RainGun Irrigation System for Banana Crop

            Is it Possible to Use Raingun Irrigation System for Banana? Yes, It is Possible. We can make Raingun Irrigation System for Banana first of its kind in India. This is One of the greatest challenge achieved by Thumba Agro Tech, Who design RainGun Irrigation System for Banana Crop of its maximum height Successfully(More than 20 Feet). This System Gives Maximum Yield due to better artificial favourable climatic condition for this crop.

Main advantage of Rain gun in banana crop is no need of any support sticks during yield conditions. Here tree with fruits weights are easily withstand by the natural tree without support (see photo) up to the fruits weight of 65 to 75 kgs. This is only possible in Rain gun system because of our total depth of wetting is in our hand. So you can control the irrigation depth up to maximum of 12 inches (One foot ) depth only. But think about flood irrigation method. water goes to 2 to 3 feet depth during flood irrigation without any control. This is the problem of flood irrigation for banana crops. So they give support to withstand.

Advantage of Rain gun system for Banana crop

First of all it Saves 3 Times of Water, Power and Labour For Irrigation.
Extraordinary Fruit Yield and quality than normal flood irrigation
Minimum Organic Or Chemical Fertilizer enough to get maximum Yield
Possible to Irrigate One Acre in One hour by using Our own designed Thumba 10 HP Special Pumpset.
One person can operate this RainGun Irrigation System upto 40 Acre by Using 10 HP Pump in its Irrigation Cycle.
Due to Periodical Artificial Rainfall Leaves are cleaned frequently which Increase Photosynthesis Phenomena as well as Yield.
It has Long Working Life upto 50 Years.


            We take this project as a challenge to do rain gun system for banana crop. Because of over height more than 20 feet the pillar construction and interchange of rain guns is a challengeable one. But we finish successfully in Indian fields.

Why Rain guns for Banana? Is it possible to do?

            Yes we can do. We have successfully completed many projects for Banana cultivations with our wide range of experience. We fix all rain guns as permanent fixing method and control it by underground valves. To avoid back force we built permanent pillars with 1000 kgs weight and 13 feet height to cover up to 20 feet height. To give proper pressure and discharge we already designed our 10 hp high pressure and high discharge pump set to meet its requirements. Major support for banana cultivations are much more water savings, crop protection, inter crop support, natural climate, high quality fruits without chemical spray and no support trees required for banana tree during yield condition.

Water savings:-

            Normally for banana cultivations needs much more water than any crop. Because it is a long term crop and high delicate one. It needs proper irrigations with proper intervals up to the final harvest time of 300 days except rainy seasons. As in flood irrigation it needs average of 1.25 lack liters per acre for one irrigation. Based on soil conditions it may vary. But in Rain gun irrigation only 45000 liters of water is enough for one acre irrigation up to the depth of 3 to 4 inch based on soil absorption. Every 3 days to 6 days once you must sprinkle the water 30000 to 45000 liters per hour based on local climatic conditions. Easy to cover one acre area within one hour.

Inter crop support:-

            Major additional income support is intercrop cultivation in between banana crop. You can cultivate groundnut, Blackgram, Onion, chili, beetroot, coriander leaves, soya beans, and other commercial vegetables. Because of all area irrigated by rain guns you can easily cultivate any short term intercrops to get additional income.

Crop protection:-

            The periodical rain effect controls the pest reproduction and controls its growth resulting best disease control and saves much more cost in pesticide spraying and gives good quality fruits and yield. Major control in whitefly and some micro infections during yield conditions. No need of plastic covering for pest attack. Saving in plastic cost and labor for covering the plastic covers.



No support required for banana tree:-

            Very important savings in banana cultivation when using rain gun irrigation system is no need of any support materials for huge banana tree even it grows up to 20 feet height and having more than 65 kgs fruit weight,

How it is possible?

            For each and every tree saplings you must dig 18" x 18"x 18" inches size pit. Then plant inside the pit under 12 inch depth . Fill up natural composted cow dung and mother sand up to 12 inches. Now give irrigation periodically up to 90 days. After harvest of intercrop earthling up around the banana plant in to again 12 inches. Now more than 24 inches (2 feet) stem completely covered by soil support with full of roots.

Here rain gun plays major role in this stage. We can give irrigation with complete depth control for example all areas you can wet uniform 6 inches depth. So bottom support with full hard soil helps to withstand even with 65 kgs fruit weight. See photo

But think about flood irrigation in this matter. You cannot control irrigation depth. Some area it goes to 24 inches depth and in some where it wet only 6 inches based on water flow. Here over depth irrigation may give loose soil and banana tree easily lay down due to fruit weight or heavy wind. So support is must.