Industrial E-Air Conditioners

            For better quality yarn production in spinning industries we must maintain proper temperature and air moisture. For that spinning industries using their own water based humidity plants with high power consume motors and fans.

For example 150X150 feet size factory shed has its own water humidification unit with multiple motors of 30KW power consumption and more. During its continues running in summer it consumes enormous power as well as electric bill too. For same 150X150 feet shed our big size (3X3) cooler 10 nos is more than enough. Total power consumption is 10X280 W = 2800 Watts only. You can save 10 times power and power costs.

Erection Costs:-

When compare to humidity plant our coolers are 4 times cheaper during erection. For example 150X150 feet shed plant cost is 20 lakhs means our cooler system cost is 5 Lakhs only.

Maintenance Cost:-

Very less maintenance comes in our cooler system. More than 10 times savings in maintenance cost to conventional water humidifier plants.

User Serviceable:-

After erection you never depend on ourself for servicing our E-Coolers. We have designed all parts as user serviceable only.

Works with high TDS water:-

Our cooler can work with your own bore well water upto 1500 TDS. No need of special low TDS water as atomizer nozzles.

Cooler specifications

Single phase motorised fan – 280 watt.

Water motor – Single phase submersible type – 15 watt.

Cooling media – Wood wool.

E- Cooler -3T (3 x 3 feet)

1. Power : 200 watt
2. Cooling area : 600 sq.f
3. Cooling media : Wood wool
4. Suitable for : 400 to 600 sq.ft rooms
5. Water required : 50 to 150 litters per day
6. Control system : Standard Frequency based regulator