Landscape Irrigation for Home Gardening, Parks, Cricket, Football, School Play Grounds,

Landscape Irrigation for Home Gardening, Parks, Cricket, Football, School Play Grounds |
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            Now a day's beautiful Landscapes and garden constructions are getting popular as one of the important thing in modern construction field. The people likes natural green elevations in their homes.

But it is very difficult to maintain the gardens without proper irrigation systems. All landscape designers and big ground construction peoples seeking good irrigation systems. But scarcity of good qualified technical people or less knowledge in suitable sprinkler irrigation systems and operations are the major problem in this field.

So that we timely entered in to this field with our wide range of special knowledge in this field from past 12 years .Because we already done more than 350 permanent rain gun and sprinkler projects in all over India with extraordinary system life of more than 50 years.

As a challenge in performance to all international popular companies like Rain Bird,Nelson,K-rain,Sime, Our innovative system designs with our own technologies and own pumps & valves with reasonable low cost full filling individual customers needs in this field.

Our special feature in landscaping are :

  • 1. Complicated irregular landscape irrigation designs,
  • 2. Special high pressure pump set designing and manufacturing to suit particular landscape irrigation projects.
  • 3. Wide range of Sprinklers (from 2 feet to 50 feet radius) and Rain guns (from 60 feet to 200 feet radius) models for various area sizes.
  • 4. Both part circle and full circle sprinklers with droplet size adjustment.
  • 5. Low cost design in pipe lines and valve systems.
  • 6. Computerized fully automatic sequential valve control systems to reduce labour.
Popular models:

Many sprinkler companies released their popular models to meet customers’ needs and expectations. But only some models getting popular in India.


Landscape Irrigation Using Sprinklers:

Mini pop up sprinklers ( 3 to 12 inches rise)

Mini pop up sprinklers are mainly recommended for minimum area coverage from 1000 square feet to 20000 square feet gardens and small grounds. Many models available based on discharge, running pressure, Rising length and cost.

Medium Pop up sprinklers (30 to 50 feet radius)

For irrigating medium size landscapes or ground gear driven medium range pop up sprinklers are the economic and durable models. You can operate this sprinklers both part and full circle method for corner corrections.

Landscape Irrigation Using Rainguns:

Medium rain guns ( 60 to 90 feet radius)

For more than 1 acre (43560 square feet) of landscapes or Grounds small range rain guns are preferable. It needs proper pressure to give better performance. so you must care of required pressure and discharge to operate.

Big rain guns ( 100 to 200 feet radius)

Large grounds like Food ball, Cricket and athlete’s needs proper irrigation for better growth of grass without gapes. Here they like Rain gun irrigation systems without inner points. So we must design big rain guns to cover larger areas at a time. To operate these type of rain guns we need more than 10 hp motor to get maximum coverage.


Technical Specifications:
1. Power - HP or kw : 1.5 HP or 1000 w
2. Operating voltage : Single phase 175 to 255 v AC
3. Discharge Maximum : 220 LPM .
4. Pressure maximum : 2.2 kg/cm2
5. Head range : 15 to 20 meters
7. No of 3/4" Sprinkler runs : 6 nos with each 80 feet diameter
8. No of 1/2" sprinklers runs : 20 nos with 50 feet diameter
9. No of Micro sprinkler runs : 40 nos
10. Time needs to wet 3 inches depth : 1 HOUR
11. Best suitable depth of water source : Below 20 feet open wells or Tanks.
12. Power consumption : 1 unit per hour.
13. Suitable for the area of : 1 to 2 acres
14. Application sectors : Agriculture,Home gardens and play ground irrigation
2 HP Raingun Submersible Pump

Thumba's High Pressure 2HP Pump

Technical Specifications :
1. Power - HP or kw : Single Phase 2 HP or 1.5 kw
2. Operating voltage : Single phase 190 to 240 v AC
3. Discharge Maximum : 380 LPM.
4. Pressure maximum : 2.8 kg/cm2
5. Head range : 22 to 30 meters
6. No of 1.25 inch Rain gun runs : 2 nos with each 120 feet diameter
7. No of 3/4" Sprinkler runs : 10 nos with each 80 feet diameter
8. No of 1/2" Mini Sprinkler runs : 15 nos with each 50 feet diameter
9. Best suitable depth of water source : Below 20 feet open wells .
10. Power consumption : 1.5 unit per hour.
2 HP Raingun Submersible Pump