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RainGun Sprinklers Accessories

RainGun Sprinklers Accessories

Raingun and Sprinklers operates in high water pressure. Accessories should be genuine and requirement specific. Other wise the system performance will not be as expected. Like leakages, Pipeline burst, Fitting damages, Blockages, etc., To avoid above problems we recommend to go for genuine and quality pipes.

Water Lines

            Under ground lines must be Original ISI grade PVC pipes with 4 kg/cm2 and 6 kg/cm2 pressure rating is essential. Never use second quality re extrude pipes for long distance pipe lines.

            Flexible Nylon houses or Fire fighting houses or HDPE Sprinkler Lock Pipes are used for temporary raingun setup.


            Various size quick release couplings(QRC) available for easy detachable mechanism. we have 1 to 3 inch dia meter couplings.

Quick Release Coupling

Air Valves:-

            During water flow in pipelines air bubbles travel through the water on top side of pipes. This will generate friction and reduce the flow up to 10% of discharge. Also leads to pipe burst because of water hammering during motor stop, So we must provide highest quality 2 inch Air valves in particular intervals based on field conditions.


Non Return Valves ( NRV) :-

            To avoid return water hammering Non Return Valves are very much important. Many factors to be considered when locating Non return valve to get full performance. Otherwise it will not function properly. Various NRV models available in markets. But based on my experience up to 100 mm diameter Ball type non return valves are better. Wafer type valves also used for above 250 mm diameter pipe lines.

Non Return Valves

Pressure Releaser Valve:-

            During excessive pressure build up inside the pipe lines so many chances to damage pipes and fittings due water hammering phenomena. To avoid pipe damages we must release excessive pressure inside the pipes. For that good quality durable pressure releaser valve is very much important. We offer 2 inch diameter stainless steel spring fixed aluminium body pressure release valve to our customers. You can fix pressure ratings from 1 to 10 kg/cm2 based on operating pressure of particular pipe lines.