Vision & Mission

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Main aim of our company is to manufacture eco-friendly and renewable solar energy equipments like various model solar pumpsets that are entirely different and cost effective in nature. We also give almost importance to user serviceable, easy handling, also maintaining qualities like reliability, durability and efficient performance in our products.

We firmly believe that our company can produce equipments and machineries in accordance with market, as well as customer's requirements and this helps us in making superior quality products at affordable rates. Our quality centric approach and high productivity ratio allows to design a business expansion plan by including major parts of the domestic as well as the international markets. Along with supporting small scale entrepreneurs and ventures in the country, we spread out our business activities across the globe in pursuit of satisfaction and excellence.


While past is experience, future is expectation. Thumba Agro Technologies mission is to blend past experiences with expectations of the future to bring out technically appropriate and economically feasible irrigation equipments. At present, our highly equipped R&D wing is keenly working towards introducing many more new irrigation equipments organic farming machines and solar powered machineries.

Our keen focus will be on reducing the use of harmful fertilizers and chemical pesticides in farm fields and to find a permanent solution for crop safety and labour shortages. On this regard, our Go Green Technologies play a major role in saving Power, Water, Labour and Time.

Our expansion agenda includes working closely with rural enterprises and medium scale industries and encourage them in using our premium machineries. Main objective of expansion plan is to enable farmers work effectively and efficiently and help them to get huge benefits from farm lands.