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High Power Solar Battery Sprayer

High Power Solar Battery Sprayer |
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            We are proudly introducing High Power Solar Battery Sprayer, which can charge using Solar power as well as Normal Electric Line. We Promise that the Performace is unbeatable than other battery sprayer models already in market. we convert this Sprayer model for Farmer Friendly UPS System, Mainly Used for Home Lighting Purpose and also for cattle shed Lighting, When the sparayer is not in use. This saves life of the battery also. It supports for Mobile Phone Charging purpose and runs DC Fan 8 Hours at home or Providing 8 Hours For 3 Nos of Three Watt LED Bulbs which is the additional Benifit of this model.

High Lights of this Sprayer :

  • 1. Fully Battery Operated Solar Power Sprayer,So you can Run Both Day and Night any time.
  • 2. It can be charged using solar Panel Or with Normal House Hold AC (Mains) Power source.
  • 3. Extreme Spraying Capacity upto 60 Tanks on Fully Charged Battery.
  • 4. Same Sprayer can used as Home UPS. It Support Upto 8 hours for DC Fan Operation Or 3 Nos of 3 Watt DC LED Bulbs.
  • 5. 24 Hour Mobile Charging Facility. Even in Power cut or No Power available Area.
  • 6. Due to strong body design, it long lasting for years, which worth for Investment.

Technical Detail :

1. Power :      12 Watt DC Pump.
2. Spraying Pressure : 4 Bar.
3. Discharge : 1.5 to 3.5 LPM Based on Nozzle Use.
4. Charging Time : 5.5 Hours for Empty Battery to Full Charge
5. Tank Capacity : 16 Litre
6. Spraying Capacity : 60 Tanks on Full Charged Battery.
7. No of Nozzles : 5 Nos.