Agricultural E-Air Conditioners

Mushroom Farm Climate Control System

           Mushroom farming is very delicate and risky due to change in climates in various seasons. For better growth of mushroom 20 degree C to 24 Degree C suitable for Oyster mushroom and 20 degree C for button mushrooms.

In plain lands normal temperature range is 26 degree C to 41 degree C means our fine mis atomizer with evaporative cooler combination is excellent suitable for Oyster Mushroom cultivation. We can maintain inside shed temperature from 22 degree C to 6 degree C always. An relative humidity 80 % to 95 % respectively.

This is an evaporative cooling system. So not suitable for costal areas where humidity always more than 65%.

Sericulture Shed Cooling System

     Sericulture farming is a part of modern agriculture practice in India and few countries. China is leading manufacturer of Sericulture products. They have many advance technologies in sericulture farming.

The ideal temperature should be between 24 ℃ to 28 ℃ and relative humidity in between 80% to 85%.

Sericulture Shed Cooling System

E-Coolers Combined with Atomizer nozzles in closed environments especially for incubation area.

Cooler specifications

Single phase motorised fan – 280 watt.

Water motor – Single phase submersible type – 15 watt.

Cooling media – Wood wool.

E- Cooler -3T (3 x 3 feet)

1. Power : 200 watt
2. Cooling area : 600 sq.f
3. Cooling media : Wood wool
4. Suitable for : 400 to 600 sq.ft rooms
5. Water required : 50 to 150 litters per day
6. Control system : Standard Frequency based regulator