Road and Stock Yard Dust Control System

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Road and Stock Yard Dust Control System

Road and Stock Yard Dust Control System

            We are providing sprinklers for below 20 feet breadth path ways with 180 degree angle setting.

Sprinkler models:
  • 1. 3/4 inch inlet part circle (metal or plastic) sprinklers for 15 to 35 feet radius coverage.
  • 2. 1 inch inlet part circle Raingun for 35 to 50 feet radius coverage.

           We are providing Rainguns for above 20 feet to 60 feet breadth roads and stock yards. Based on area size and customer requirements we can customize the entire system.

Suitable Raingun Models:
  • 1. 1.25 inch model, for 35 to 55 feet breadth roads and small stock yards which is below 1 acre.
  • 2. 1.50 inch model, for 45 to 60 feet breadth roads and medium stock yards which is below 2 acre.
  • 3. 2 inch model, for 50 to 100 feet breadth roads and big stock yards which is below 5 acre.
  • 4. 2.5 inch Big gun model, for large size mines and quarries, where area size is more than 10 acres.

High Pressure Raingun Motors:

We have designed and manufacturing special high pressure pump sets for Rainguns and Sprinklers system.

Based on motor capacity can run 3 to 6 Rainguns at a time.

About High Pressure Pump Sets, Please Click Here .

Accessories for Raingun :

We have many accessories for high pressure Raingun system.

About Raingun Accessories Please Click Here .

Permanent Pillar Structures for Raingun:

Due to back pressure develop by Raingun during high pressure jet sprinkling. So it needs strong and durable concrete pillars for each and every point.

In India we have designed pillar for Raingun which is first of its kind and very popular in this field. Which is Durable, User Serviceable and can withstand the back pressure generated by Rainguns.

Our pillar can withstand environmental damages. Our Good old pillar is still in service for more than 20 years, without any damage which is erected near Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.

We can make pillars based on customer height demand from 4 feet to 20 feet.

Thumba Raingun Pillar