LED Down Lights

Mini solar Power Pack(15Ah) 12 Hours of power Backup for 4 Nos 3Watt LED Lights

            LED Down lights are mainly used for Show rooms, show cases, Modern residential houses, Hotels etc,. Conventional Down lights consuming more power than LED Down Lights. Our LED Down Lights are Good in Quality and Performance and Durability. Modern Days Interior Decoration Plays major rolls in Construction Field, Where more focusing light are used, These LED Down Lights are Best Suitable for Superior Quality Interior Decoration Needs.

Schools, Colleges, Food Processing Company Laboratories, Garments Laboratories are mainly using Down Lights for its Lighting Needs. LED Down Lights now-a-days replaces all Existing CFL Lamps with its Extra Ordinary Bright Lighting Lumens, also with Less Power Consumption.

Suitable for Shops, Show Rooms, Mordern Residential Homes, Villas, Hotels, Experimental Laboratories etc., Etc.

Features :

  • Due to Less power consumption it saves Monthly Electricity Bill.
  • It Gives Cool White and Warm White Lighting to suit Individual Requirements.
  • LED Lights Has Long Life than any other bulbs.

Technical Detail for LED Down Lights:

1. Model Availability Based On Power : 5 Watts,9 Watts,12 Watts.
2. Operating Voltage : 220 V AC and 12 V DC
3. Light Lumens : 100 Lumens / Watt