Solar Power Pack (100Ah)UPS System, No Need of EB Power Supply for your home

            Yeah, Its like conventional UPS System, But it uses Solar for Charging purpose. No Need of AC Power Supply for charging, We can use regular CFL Bulbs and Television. But our design implements all DC Operation Equipment for Long Duration support and low loss of energy. As we recommend the below pack contents give you the maximum back up time for this model.

Features :

  • Pure Solar power is the main source for Charging. Even in cloudy condition it charges the battery partially.
    • 5 Nos of High Bright Solar 3Watt LED Bulb with 270 to 300 lumens light runs up to 50 Hours on Fully Charged Battery.
    • (OR)
    • 12 WattExtraordinarycool Breeze Two DC Table Fan With Oscillation Facility Runs 30 Hours on Fully Charged Battery.
    • (OR)
    • Computer with LED Monitor 15 inch (65 Watt) Runs up to 10 Hours on Fully Charged Battery.
    • (OR)
    • 22 Inch LED or LCD Television (35 Watt) Runs Up to 20 Hours on Fully Charged Battery.
    • (OR)
    • Table Top Wet grinder (100Watt) can run upto 5 Hours on Fully Charged Battery.
  • 24 Hour Mobile Charging Facility.
  • We can use 3 number of 9 Watt LED (Equal to One 40 Watt Tube Light) for 16x20 Feet Hall for 24 Hours per Fully Charged Battery.

Pack Contents:

  • 100Ah SMF Solar Battery Pack.
  • 500 VA Inverter for Computer and Telivision Opertation (On Request)
  • 100 Watt CIGS Solar Panel with 10 Meter Cable.
  • 3 Watt LED Bulbs with switch and 4 Meter Wire 5 Nos (Extra Bulb Available on Request).
  • Charge Controller (10 Amps).
  • 12 Watt DC Solar Fan 1 number (Cool Breeze Fan).
  • Multi Pin Mobile Charger.


1.It takes 6 to 7 Hours of normal sun light to charge the battery full.
2.Out put time may vary according to the usage of all product at a time.
3.During cloudy Condition System performance may vary.