Poly House Climate Control System System

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Poly House Climate Control with Irrigation System

Poly House Climate Control with Irrigation System

     We can do both sprinkler, temperature humidity control mist cooling system, drip irrigation and fertilizer injector pump systems for green house and poly houses. Our systems are entirely different when compare to other conventional market available systems.

Special features:
  1. Our own designed single phase 1.5 hp motor is enough for running both mist and drip systems. No need of three phase power. So 3 times power savings than conventional systems.
  2. No need of complicated filter systems. We provide only single screen filter only.
  3. Our exhaust fans are specially designed with solar power operations with automatic programmable timer facility. So it never depend of grit (EB) power always. For night operation runs with battery power.
  4. Our own design successful Fully automatic digital temperature and humidity controller available with three times less cost Rs.65000/- than market price (Rs.2,15,000/-).
  5. For better result we design 1 hp drip line injector pump (Multipurpose pump kit) for fertilizer injection. No need of conventional ventury system .which reduce pressure during injection.
  6. Complete solar power battery sprayer for spraying applications with zero operating cost.
  7. Normally no need of sprinkler system on roof tops. But in some hot areas it is essential to sprinkling water on roof top to reduce temperature. This can be operated by our same single phase 1.5 motor. No need of special pumps for sprinklers.