Deep Quarry Water Pumps

Deep Quarry Water Pumps

Deep Quarry Water Pumps

            Major problem in mine and stone sector is water pumping from deep quarry pits. During rainy season it is too much problem. Due to very minimum knowledge in pumping solutions all mines people facing much more production losses.

           We have better technologies and many solutions for this problem. Based on requirement of our customer we can provide suitable pump sets with minimum power consumption when compare to existing pump sets already in use.

           Normally Quarry water is not a pure water. It mixed with slurry and small stone particles due to explosion process to break the rocks. But markets motors are designed to run with pure water only, Dirty water with sand particle easily damage its impellers, bearings and shafts, which leads often motor failures.

           To avoid all above problems, we have designed special pump sets to withstand slurry liquids than any market pump sets.

Special Features in our Pumps:

  1. Very less weight suitable for easy handling even by single person. For example our 2 HP 200 feet pump is 30 Kg only. One person can easily fix it and remove it from pit. It can pump 1,00,000 Liters per day with 2 inch delivery hose.
  2. We give user friendly quick release couplings in various sizes for one touch connection and removal. 1 or 2 persons can easily fix or separate within ten minutes. This facility is very much essentials due to temporary erection of the motor pump sets for each and every explosion times.
  3. Very less power consumption save 3 times power cost as well as running time.
  4. For big quarries multiple motor erection is possible with less power and less weight motors.

Some Popular Std Pump Models :

Power Pit Depth Discharge LPD Pipe Size
1. 2 HP. 180 Ft 60,000 2 Inches.
2. 3 HP. 200 Ft 1,00,000 2 Inches.
3. 5 HP. 250 Ft 1,50,000 2 Inches.
4. 10 HP. 300 Ft 3,00,000 2.5 Inches.
5. 12.5 HP. 155 Ft 5,00,000 3 Inches.
6. 15 HP. 200 Ft 6,00,000 3 Inches.
7. 20 HP. 180 Ft 10,00,000 4 Inches.
8. 30 HP. 200 Ft 12,50,000 4 Inches.

*LPD = Litres Per Day.