Sprinkler and RainGun Irrigation System For Estate Crops (Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper, Beans Etc.,)

Sprinkler and Rain Gun Irrigation System For Estate Crops (Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper, Beans Etc.,)

Estate Crops need maximum humidity as well as irrigation for its normal growth and yeild. Some times low rainfalls affects its yeild, even into loss of the entire plant. This Sprinkler is boon for making artificial rain fall with required humidity percentage in atmosphere.

Based on crops suitability and height we can select from mist sprinklers to big rainguns. Here selection of irrigation equipments is very much important, otherwise it will leads to failure. We have already implemented many small and big project all over the world. especially high rain fall area like north east India.

We designing estate irrigation system in two ways.

Gravity Pressure System.
In some area's water source available in top of the field. Due to gravitational force water comes down with required pressure to operate the Sprinkler or Raingun system. Here much more saves power and operating cost too. The minimum pressure requirement is 2 to 4 Kg/cm2 continuously.

Using Pump Pressure.
By using pump sets we can operate from depth of water source to top of the field, this method adopted in major irrigation fields.

The major problem in estate is elevation height. designing a system should take care of the pressure drop at sprinkler or raingun end.

We design modern irrigation systems especially for deligate estate crops based on the following factors.

1. Total elevation (vertical) height from water level to field.
2. Available power in HP.
3. Available pipe diameter in inches.
4. Total area to be irrigate.
5. Permanent or temporary system required.
6. Crop height.
7. Wind velocity at your field.
8. Based on borewell depth.

Mini Micro Sprinkler

1. Inlet Size : 3/8 Inch
2. Pressure : 1.5 to 2.5 Kg/cm2
3. Discharge : 30 to 48 LPH
4. Suitable For : Estate Crops, Cardamom, Nurseries, Home Gardens.
5. Working Method : 360 Degree Round Pattern
6. Area Coverage : 5 to 10 Feet Diameter

Mini Micro Sprinklers are highly recommended for cardamom, beans, pepper etc.,. No doubt this sprinkler develops good micro climate with increase humidity.