Poultry Cooling System System

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Poultry Cooling System

Poultry Cooling System

           During Hot summer days temperature rises upto 40 degree centigrade and above. This temperature not suitable for poultry bird health. Causing heat stroke will affect growth of chicks and egg production. Some time it leads to more mortality. This is one of the major problem in this sector.

To avoid this issues. Poultry people practicing many preventive methods like providing large fans, fine mist nozzles and humidifiers. All are having many issues in implementation and working methods. Fans consumes more energy , fine mist nozzle clogging (block) due to high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in bore well ground water. In humidifier salt sediment problems are common.

Over come all above problems we have designed 4 ways mist cooling system. With trouble free high efficient nozzle. No Clogging, less maintenance, less power consumption, all type of water suitability up to 1500 (TDS) are the unique features of our system. Our nozzle comes with anti drain valves which closes the nozzles immediately after motor off. Here no water draining problem.

Technical Detail :

Specification and Comparison (600 X 25 Feet Shed)
Thumba 4-Way Mist system Conventional fine mist system
We need single phase 1 to 2 HP Power only. It needs 5 to 7.5 HP Multistage motor
Very economical cheap cost pump enough 3 Time more costly pump sets needed
Low pressure operation only 3 bar pressure so less pipe cost. High pressure operation 10 to 15 bar pressure so heavy pipe cost
Very less quantity nozzles required (only 200 Nos) More nozzles with fittings required (1200 nos)
Very less chance for blocking (0.5 mm nozzle) More chance for blocking (0.12mm)
All types of water suitable up to 150 TDS Only RO water required which is more costly.
Service and cleaning requirement is very minimum. Much more service and cleaning required.
Erection cost is very less 3 times costlier than our system
Automatic on and off is possible without any risks Automation give more problem
Running time is very less 2 minutes every 30 minutes. So less running cost Running time is 3 times more. So more running cost.